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Of Arab origins, with British influence and a distinctly Mediterranean spirit, this is Subaida: a Georgian-style estate from the mid-19th century, full of history, and a farm where time seems to have stopped while we keep the cheese-making tradition we learned from our ancestors alive.

don Pedro Montañés

The estate came into our family over 6 generations ago when our great-great-grandfather inherited it from his uncle, who had no direct descendants.

Subaida’s history has been linked with cheese-making since 1930 when our grandfather, Don Pedro Montañés, revolutionized the farming industry in Minorca by founding the now-famous cheese brand El Caserío.

the subaida

Located on Minorca, our farm has an area of 350 hectares (865 acres) of which 50 (124 acres) are irrigated and 100 (250 acres) are dry farmland, while the remaining 200 (500 acres) consist of pine and oak forests that form part of the island’s central wilderness area.

Here is where we learned 
to make cheese

Here is where we learned to make cheese, and here is where we continue to produce it in the same way: with patience, all-natural methods, and respect for our surroundings. We strive for total autarky in all our products, and we are committed to the environment.
The cows eat from our pastures, and at the same time they fertilize them. We irrigate those pastures sustainably with water from three of our wells.
The pigs eat the acorns from our oak trees and the whey byproducts of our cheesemaking.
We also have a garden in which we grow seasonal fruits and vegetables, which we use in our homemade preserves .
80% autarky
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He takes the reins of the company
All the numbers add up
With his magic he makes a unique product
Everything works in perfect condition
Thanks to him, the diet of our cows is perfect
She shines every corner of the farm
With he, our products will come into your hands
Never lose the screws
He fixes any damage
The most demanding palate
She will prepare the order you want
The youngest apprentice of our cheese master
She will make your visit enjoyable and fun