Our pigs are the spoiled brats of the farm. From the time they are born, they roam freely over acres of oaks and pines, eating newly fallen acorns and drinking freshly drawn whey.
Our pigs
Their all-natural diet and peaceful lifestyle make our pigs healthy and strong: just what is needed for exquisite meat.
We here pay sincere homage to all the pigs on our farm who give their lives so that we may enjoy their delicious meat.


We at Subaida are very proud to be Minorcans. We are privileged to be able to enjoy our climate, our country side, and our authentic flavors. Our sobrassada is a tribute to timeless Balearic taste, our very own thanksgiving to the island.
Our sobrassadas
1. We select the best meat from our pigs for our sobrassada.
2. In the Majorcan style, we grind the meat into a fine pâté without any lumps.
3. We add a blend of sweet paprika and salt .
4. We stuff the mixture into the animal’s own intestine and sew it closed. We seal the seams with paprika to keep it safe from insects.
5. We hang it in a drying chamber where the aging process begins.


Where our sobrassada is a tribute to Balearic flavor, Subaida’s carnixulla is an homage to the authentic taste of Minorca. The island’s humid climate lends a special, unique texture to the meat.
Our carnixulla
The preparation is similar to the sobrassada’s. For carnixulla, the lean meat is ground, and bacon is diced up separately. Then the two are blended together, and the mixture is seasoned with ground peppercorns instead of the paprika used in sobrassada. It is packed like sobrassada and left to age in our specialized drying chambers.